Steve graduated from Saint Mary's University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and soon after began his career in the investment industry. Three decades later and stints at blue chip firms along the way, his journey led him to National Bank Financial. Since his arrival one of his long time dreams was realized, he became a Portfolio Manager and was able manage assets on a discretionary basis. Steve believes this is a win/win for his clients, it stream lines his ability to makes and monitor clients' accounts, it aligns his and clients performance, and it also means more time communicating with clients about what he sees in the markets. The extra time also means more attention is given to the planning aspects of client's lives, something that in the long run is just as important as investment returns. Steve believes having a properly formulated plan mitigates short-term volatility in the markets and ultimately leads to the piece of mind that everything is on track. He doesn't feel his job is done until every aspect of a clients financial lives have been addressed whether its insurance, an estate plan or something as simple as making they're sent a few extra dollars for an upcoming trip.